Our Operations

Production Sites

Azara/Abuni, Nassarawa State [Solid Minerals Mining]

In 2011, the company expanded its operations into solid minerals mining with the emerging opportunities to explore and mine Barite Ore and Lead Ore at Azara and Abuni sites respectively, in Nassarawa State of Nigeria

Oloparun Site, Abeokuta, Ogun State [Granite Quarry]

In year 2005, the company commenced granite quarrying operation in its first site at Oloparun Village, Ogun State with installed capacity of 600,000 tons per annum which was upgraded by the addition of another production line in 2007, with production capacity of 400,000 tons per annum making the site installed capacity to be 1 million tons per annum. The site is currently undergoing restructuring and capacity enhancement, sequel to the successful completion of the capacity enhancement of Alaguntan Site

Alaguntan Site, Abeokuta, Ogun State [Granite Quarry]

In 2009, full operations commenced at our site 2 at Km 14 Alaguntan Village, Abeokuta-Ajebo Road, Ogun State with an installed capacity of 1.2 million tons per annum. In May 2013, our Quarry Technical Partner commenced total Re-engineering and capacity enhancement of this quarry site. The plant restructuring was completed in September 2014, with full production in October 2014. The Plant capacity was increased from 1.2 metric tons per annum to 5 million metric tons per annum, making the plant one of the largest quarry plant in South West Nigeria

Apo Site, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory [Granite Quarry]

By January 2012, the company completed installation and commenced granite production at Shape Village, Apo, Abuja with an installed capacity of 900,000 tons per annum.

Our Mining Properties

Concession Reference Mineral of Interest Size of Property (Km Square) Number of Cadastre Units Location
EL 3187 Lead , Zinc and Silver 51.2 sq Km 256 Awe LG, Nasarawa State
ML 14646 Lead , Zinc and Silver 2.8 sq Km 14        ,,
SSML 14999 Lead , Zinc and Silver 3.0 sq Km 15       ,,
EL 16999 Gold and Tantalite 186 sq Km 930 Kokona LG, Nasarawa State
EL 16879 Lead , Zinc and Silver 6.6 sq Km 33 Awe LG, Nasarawa State
EL 16994 Copper and Silver 59.8 sq Km 229      ,,
EL 14946 Barite 8.45 sq Km 40 Azara, Awe LG, Nasarawa State